Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 28, 2006

Today is my grandmother's 80th birthday. Happy Birthday, Gram! She spent the day driving and talking on her mobile phone. Not bad for 80! We had lunch with her at Mayberry's. It was good to see my grandfather. I thought I saw a flicker of remembrance in his eyes as to who I was. He likes to give kisses, on the lips. He is such a cute, lovable man, even when you don't feel much reception. I miss him calling me KT and Caymen as I began to be called later in life. I miss him joking with me. Although, I wonder if he still doesn't have it at times. He laughed at something I said about the girls at lunch. I wonder mostly how Gram will be able to deal with life when he is gone. Her life is nothing but taking care of him. I know she trusts in the Lord, but I hurt for what will be so painful for her.

Lily learned to go down stairs holding onto the railings while at the playground. She also loves to slide on the playground and she sat on my lap while we were on the swings. I think her mind is beginning to work a little more complicated these days as she seems to figure out more and more. She is able to figure out how to get what she wants physically. She is starting to talk. She can say car, ball, bowl, cracker, clock, juice, up, bath, bunny, moooo, bo-bo, I want, diaper, shoe, Nah-nah for Grand-D, and nan-nu for thank you. She is not yet saying yes or no. Yes sounds more like an Ah sound. She had her first major temper tantrum this week because I wouldn't let her have my mobile phone. Why are her favorite toys the phone and my keys? Oh - and my eyeliner.

Ethan had a note from his teacher today. He can't seem to keep his hands to himself or his mouth closed. We had a talk. I am not sure he ever understands the severity of his actions. We have started working harder at his sight words, but we definitely need to work on his "b" words. He spelled several words for me tonight in the car - five, four, three, etc. I was impressed. He also likes to make books. He is very good at making a storyline. I love the little books and his drawings. They are so well thought-out for his age - a real plot with matching drawings and he staples them together in order. I love that he is so sweet and touch-oriented. However, most kids are not like that and he doesn't understand why other boys don't like to hug like he does. He is emotional, too. I don't know how to get him to toughen up a little. Maybe I have babied him. I hope not.

Sadie had a difficult day. There are moments when I see such progress, but then...I find her with three bottles of my best fingernail polish and red polish all over her shirt and hands. She is trying to "wash" off the evidence before she is caught. There were lots of complete deafness on her part when I made requests of her. Then, she put on a great outfit after her bath before we went to church. But that was after she was crying/screaming on the bathroom floor because she was cold after her bath. What she really wanted was time with me. I realize that now, but I had to get everyone ready and fed before heading to church. I wish she understood that. She used her words when asking Graylyn to, "Graylyn, please stop doing that." Then she peed in her pants. Totally don't understand her at times. I wish I did. I try to love her as much as I can - telling her how proud I am of her, but then she can just get the best of me. I need to carve out that time to spend with her every day. She has been shuffled, well, they all have been shuffled over the past few days and I really need to spend individual time with each of them. Their behavior and my ability to reason with them seems to increase dramatically when I do. Imagine that!

The bickering between Ethan and Sadie in the car is almost to the point of insanity. They can be such a help to each other, then they will scream about who gets to listen to their song first. Tonight it was over Sadie having her light on. UGH!

The most embarrassing discovery today was that there is not doubt I have a family of mice in my car. I removed Lily's car seat and there was plenty of mice droppings. It really should not be that shocking because of the various amounts of food, crumbs, candy, etc left in my car. Just now I can think of a piece of crush toast, a handful of candy hearts from Valentine's Day, several pieces of goldfish and a few fries from tonight's rushed dinner on the way to church. They will have a buffet - field mice never had it so good.

The best news of the day was Ansley's awakening from her drug induced near coma over the past few weeks due to pain meds she has been taking. Although the loopiness provided great laughs, there was nothing better than seeing "my sister" back in her body. It was a near perfect day with her, the short time I spent with her. I want more days like this, please God.

I hope to continue this blog, even if no one ever reads it but me . It will be a nice "diary" of sorts which I can refer to when I am scrapbooking and working on other archival projects.

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