Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Typical Week...

For those considering more seriously about homeschooling, here is an idea of how our week typically runs.  We spend the core of our day doing our Language Arts and Math block, opting to tackle this first.  The girls have learned that when that is completed, they are allowed a break. Then we reconvene to complete science, history, geography, and bible.  After our "formal" homeschooling is over, the girls practice piano and spend at least 30 minutes a day reading and completing chores.  In a perfect world, all of this is completed before we collect Ethan at 2:45.  Not every day is a perfect homeschool day; life gets in the way, and sometimes you need to just bag it in order to get a piling to-do list complete.  Typically we start around 8:30, sometime at 8, sometimes at 9.  We usually finish the core at 10:30 and complete the rest before 1.
Language Arts, Math, and Bible until 11.  Girls pack their bags, eat lunch and we head out to HPHE for classes that begin at noon.  This semester, Sadie is taking Dance, Drama, Electricity and Magnetism, Rockin' recorders.  Lily is taking Math Logic, a 3-5 grade Language Arts class, Dance, and Young Illustrators.  Typically, I don't use HPHE for core classes.  I like to control that myself.  However, we are using the Language Arts class for Lily for exposure and re-enforcement..
Full day of subjects:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, History and Bible
Full day of subjects:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, History and Bible

Language Arts and Math, Leave house at 10:30 to take Sadie to do Latin with my mom.  Sadie then goes to piano and I meet her later for Lily to have her piano lesson.

Full day of subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, History and Bible

Under Language Arts, I include a mix and variation of grammar, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, and handwriting (for Lily only). 

They complete Language Arts, Math, and Bible individually.  We work on Geography, History, and Science together.

For science we completed Apologia's Astronomy book and have now moved on to some basic Biology, Chemistry, and weather. 

Our history is A Story of the World.  The girls follow along in their books while a CD plays.  They must answer questions, complete map work, and often have art projects that go along with their history.

We began the year working on World Geography.  We have made our way through Australia, Antarctica, Africa, South America, landing in North America in January.  We are now working on the 50 states, spending time learning something about each one.  Sometime in late March we will move to Europe and then Asia.  The curriculum I am using is great because it is a multi-year book, meaning each year you can drill down a little deeper (history, religion of the regions, etc.) while still using the same book.

Sadie and Lily also have some brain teaser books that they do just for fun and to help mix things up.
I have been told be several teachers that I am doing way, way more than necessary.  However, I stress a bit if the girls are getting what they need.  I think that is normal.  My main focus is if they are reading and writing enough.  We are spending a week in early March doing only that - reading and writing.  Next year, I will probably block out more time in the day for just those two things.  Then again, it is only February, the year is not over and I can still revamp to include more.

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