Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hair Where?

Yesterday, while waiting to pick up kids, my carpool mom began talking about what a delight my little Lily is. This is the first year she has had the pleasure of Lily's company in the car rides to or from school. Lily does have a certain charm about here when she so chooses to let it shine.

Then, my carpool mom began to giggle and said, "Oh, I should tell you what she said in the car ride this morning."

Immediately, my red flag flew up the pole of warning in my mind. I braced for it.

Lily said, "I have hair on my bottom."

My eyes became a little larger and I brought my hand to my forehead. "Oh, great. That is just lovely," I responded.

My carpool mom told me she asked her to repeat what she had just said to make sure that she heard correctly. Lily repeated, "I have hair on my bottom."

At this point all the other ears in the car perked up to such a statement of private matters. Not to be undone, Sadie had to contribute to the topic of body hair knowledge.

Sadie said, "Yes, but boys have a lot more hair than girls do," at which point all five children began to giggle and laugh.

My carpool mom held it together and confirmed that yes, we have little hair all over our bodies. And, Sadie, yes men often do have more hair all over their bodies than women.

Lily, feeling the need to explain her discovery finished the conversation with, "I saw the hair on my bottom when I took my bath." Delightful, Lily.

Thankfully, this all took place in the confines of the car ride to school. I just makes me wonder what she is saying at school. It is probably best I do not know.

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Jeanne said...

You know the standard agreement between teachers and parents ~ you don't believe everything they say about us and we won't believe everything they say about you!!! (and that includes hair and body parts ;} )