Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So, there are times in my life where my love for my kids seems to be overflowing. I know, I know, it is always there, but sometimes because of circumstances, stress, etc. I don't recognize it as clearly. Here are a couple of examples of why:

Setting: Sadie, home from school not feeling well. In the basement watching a movie so that Jay could work on cabinets. Wearing headset so the saw noise wouldn't hurt her ears.

Sadie: I'm bored (saying to noone apparent)

A few minutes go by

Jay: Sadie, are you ok? Are you bored? Do you want a different movie?

Sadie: No, I'm ok.

A few more minutes go by

Sadie: in a soft little voice. Are you there? I love you God.

MELT MY HEART!!! She is starting to show signs of real progress in her heart. She wants to do well, to make good choices, to feel that sense of right and wrong. I LOVE IT!

We went to the Dollar Store this week so that the kids could use their allowance to purchase gifts for family members (they each spent about $20 EACH of their own money). Sadie LOVED doing it. She didn't want me to walk with her - instead picked out everything herself Except for one item, she did really well. As soon as she got home she got to wrapping. I remember that being a very tasking job when I was that young, but she has such manual dexterity that it is a snap. In fact, she wants to spend tonight helping me wrap gifts.

Saturday we went to the Nutcracker at HPU with Grammy and Graylyn. It was Grammy's treat and it is such a great tradition for the girls. Next year, we will take Lily for the first time. Sadie put on her fancy Christmas dress and then it came time for the tights. I had to insist she wear them as it was very cold - 40 degrees or so. However, she really struggled with getting them on and how they felt. I remember when things didn't feel right - how I like tight shoes and belts when I was little. I did much better after I was able to have a little fit to myself - a little screaming, etc. It just didn't feel right and I had to get it out! So, I let Sadie have a litle struggle - getting out how she felt and then she was much better. In fact, when given the option of taking them off as soon as we got home, she chose to keep them on! She has had a couple of great weeks at school and seems to be very much in love with her teachers. She is academically soaring. Basketball starts in January and I know that she will just be great at it - she is a natural athlete.

Conversation#2: Setting: Sadie, Lily and Mommy in Lily's room playing with the doctor set. Mommy is laying on the floor as the patient. Sadie is working on my hair and Lily is checking me out with all the tools. Lily refers to me as Mommy.

Sadie: Lily, Mommy is the patient, call her patient.

Lily: Mommy, be patient.

So cute! Lily has been testing a bit more lately, but I know that it is because she is really tired. She has not had her usual naps as we have been quite busy. This is evident as she fell asleep on the ottoman in the kitchen around 4:30 yesterday with the lights on and the tv on and everyone buzzing around her. She is really focused on getting a bath every night. Just loves playing in there, especially with me in there, too. She likes making patterns of blocks and legos. Very interesting because she seems to have a very organized manner of thinking. She read the letters to WELCOME on Miss Adkins door yesterday which really floored Miss Adkins. It made me proud - in a sinful way. :) I am trying to get her a little more independent - dressing on her own, asking her to help clean-up, etc. She just seems to be physically less capable than Sadie and Ethan at this age, but Sadie was so advanced, that I know it is not a fair comparison. We saw Santa Claus at the mall yesterday. She may get it now. We don't make a big deal about Santa Claus, but a little trip doesn't hurt. She ask for two fishes (what??!?!?) and after prodding fro Sadie asked for a Dora Kitchen. I know for a fact, she is not getting either. So, we'll see what happens on Christmas morning. Actually, now that I think about it. I don't think the kids are getting anything or very little of what they asked for as it was mainly contrived from the junk they saw advertised on tv. Mommy and Daddy know best.

Ethan has been my little encourager this month. He tells me all the time how much he appreciates me. He also said that he was trying very hard not to think about the presents, but it was really hard. DId you have a hard time with that, Mom? he asks. Very sweet. His school work is excellent and I am pleased with all of his progress.

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